Fernanda Romandía - Mexico - 2015



May 12ve, 2017


The construction of a house in the beaches of Puerto Escondido Oaxaca narrates the story of 3 characters and their reflections of the world.
Coral, a 7 year old girl, goes to the construction daily after school to visit his godfather Diego, a young adict to his cell phone, leader of a musical band, and a builder in the construction.
She waits for hours for Diego to take her home, spending time creating her own pieces and transforming her little universe. While she waits, Coral meets Oriente, a carpenter that hopes to see again his family in a faraway town.
Developing an endearing relationship with Oriente, Coral wants him to be, just as Diego, his godfather. That is how the reality of the construction allows them to develop their own stories, always mix with the special bond they create between them.


Director: Fernanda Romandia

Cast: Coral Flores, Ricardo Cruz Velázquez, Irma Cruz, Diego Flores, Paulina Torres,Severino Ríos, Osmar Ríos

Cinematography: Joaquin del Paso, Pedro González-Rubio, Fernanda Romandía

Script: Fernanda Romandia

Producer: Mantarraya Producciones

Country: México 

Year: 2016

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 72 min