Mantarraya set in Mexico City in 1998, works as a platform for a new generation of filmmakers and has earned a reputation for promoting new talent. It was founded by Jaime Romandie, who later became associated with Pablo Aldrete and other strategic partners.

In 2007 he created as a seal Cadereyta Films alternative for production. In that year, Mantarraya with producer Carlos Reygadas, NoDream Cinema, founded ND Mantarraya distributor and in 2012 the international sales company NDM.

Romandie Jaime was born in Mexico City in 1969. He studied business administration. In 1997 he studied filmmaking at NYFA. He worked as associate producer for television. In 1998 he founded Mantarraya Productions. As a filmmaker he directed the short films "Aura" and "Homeward Bound". Appointed in 2005 by Variety as one of "10 Producers to watch".

Pablo Aldrete was born in Guadalajara in 1972. He studied at the London International Film School. Mantarraya joined in 2000 and since then has worked on various projects of the company. He directed the films "e Yokoso Nippon" (2005) and "River of Gold" (2011). Currently working on his third film "Panga".

ND Mantarraya is the result of the alliance from the production companies Nodream Cinema and Mantarraya. Its main purpose is to offer the Mexican audience, high quality cinematographic projects that would hardly be released in our country. We also consider important to highlight the work of prominent directors whose filmography has passed unnoticed in Mexico. Likewise, distribute our own productions.

Founded in 2012 by Mantarraya (Jaime Romandia) and Fiorella Moretti, and film director Carlos Reygadas. NDM catalogue started with Post Tenebas Lux, Reygadas's fourth film that won Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2013 the Film Workshop Stingray born as a space for creation and learning aimed at vocational training of filmmakers. It offers a program of creative development based on knowledge , understanding and mastery of the main tools and concepts needed to make movies. It is taught by active filmmakers recognized and awarded in Mexico and abroad.

Fotosíntesis was founded in 2013 by Miguel Ángel Uriegas and Jaime Romandía. It is the "Cause-Driven entertainment" label of the group. Fotosíntesis was created with the purpose of producing films that can be used as a vehicle for promoting different civil organizations in Mexico and the world, to raise awareness and move to action. Fotosintesis is currently producing "The Ángel in the Clock" an animated film with the purpose of raising awareness around the childhood cancer problematic.